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Tube Settler Media (A TI-TSM-111S)

We are the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of durable and efficient Tube Settler Media (A TI-TSM-111S). Our Tube Settler Media helps in increasing the capacity of a clarifier and enhances particle agglomeration and growth while enhancing the suspended solids concentration. The installation of our Tube Settler Media is easy and fast. Moreover, we offer Tube Settler Media at very affordable rates.


Features :

  • Increases capacity of clarifier.
  • Enhances particle agglomeration and growth.
  • Increases capacity of clarifier.
  • Enhances suspended solids concentration.
  • Installation is fast and easy.


Plan Settling Area of Media

60oSlope - 11.0 m2/m3

550     Slope- 13.0 m2/m3

Cross Sectional Area 120 mm X 44 mm
Shape Hexagonal Chevron
Hydraulic Radius 1.5 cm
MOC of Media PVC
Thickness 1.1 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)2
Fitting Arrangement Tongue & Groove
Max Continuous Operating Temperature 55o Celsius
Colour Black
Distance Between Adjacent Tubes 120.0 mm
Horizontal Vertical 44.0 mm
Weight 75.0 kg/m3 (APPROX.)
Separator Heights 500 mm -5.5 m2 Settling Area / m2

1000 mm-11.0 m2 Settling Area / m